What about dessert future market status in the whole

only for the pursuit of exquisite life of people, a florist or own a dessert is a good choice, of course, is now on the market of every kind of dessert dessert for a lot, so now people, what does that mean? Dessert market prospects and how? Read this I believe you will understand.

dessert house future market conditions? See Xiaobian for your analysis:

non mainstream charm

development started late dessert inland, in the late 90s, for dessert inland people, basically is the biscuit, moon cake and other desserts, has been in Guangzhou for the prevalence of papaya, sago, cakes and other desserts, basically no inland.

and is of Hui Lau Shan dessert first mode, is now commonly used mode, a few tables, dozens of desserts, a romantic music, this kind of diet will soon be under the age of 40 young people.


is not the mainstream, but for more and more attention to the quality of life of the Chinese people, the dessert house is not only a place to consume dessert, where more is to find a mood.

dessert consumption, along with the cultivation of people’s consumption habits, also continued to show growth trend, especially the cake, the fastest-growing dessert, because it is easy to carry, and always be given to celebrate the cultural color. The concept of healthy living style Hong Kong Style desserts, but also become a leader in the dessert industry.

diversified investment

because the dessert market for the better, so the dessert house has become more popular in recent years, entrepreneurs in the way. Among them, there is no lack of performing arts star. Jo Kuk and Joe opened a joint venture called "small sweet Valley" dessert in Hongkong; Moses Chan and his colleagues had called "sweet aunt" dessert, to sell tofu dessert and loved by customers; Wong Cho Lam also opened a company called "Xinyi" dessert. Thus, the popularity of dessert house.

of course, the form of investment in the dessert house because the market driven showing a diversified. The star of this form of investment that is the most primitive dessert shop investment, it depends on the flow of people and repeat customers. So this investment does not need a lot of money, you need a good lot and good reputation.

is currently on the market can do on the scale and Hui Lau Shan dessert is not much, most of the dessert shop also maintains the dessert house form, is a small store, by the guests to patronize to achieve profitability. However, this trend has been very obvious, in the course of the investigation, found basic >

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