Shenzhen people’s Congress to encourage more social Kindergarten number

Since the

Shenzhen City Kindergarten colorful was closed down, the people of Shenzhen for pre-school children deeply worried, how can we solve this problem? Although these two years, Shenzhen, such as the introduction of Pratt & Whitney park construction, child development allowances and other policies, but still a drop in the bucket, can not solve the plight of pre-school education in our city.


has issued a "Shenzhen 288 kindergarten were seized in the original SAR children’s school", "how to crack the problem of Shenzhen colorful kindergarten were seized some pupils today but the open class" two reports, caused widespread concern of users across the country.

NetEase netizen net users attitude 06Blyo "said:" the other children go to kindergarten, kindergarten children only seven open class, see is really very sad, said the relevant departments will reasonable distribution of children, but the children’s dream and surrounding kindergarten Copperfield class has been overcrowding, as many as forty or fifty people, their parents are also complain incessantly, the education department will hold outdoor area less than 3 square meters, the place is not blind no hidden but colorful reply will bring serious overcrowding problem, is this to the people?

hope that the relevant departments to pay more attention to children’s education, degree of tension, to encourage social education, and actively guide rather than violent law enforcement so that children do not learn". NetEase users, 5257052570, said: also a child in the classroom, to the point of praise mother! Just bitter child." Netizen: "a wise outlook" said: "official rejection pot fling really clean, more than and 100 people registered 17 people Caifen shunt. Stretched

can go to school smoothly to each child, let more children to preschool education, the children become the focus of public attention, is expected to in fact you parents do not need to put the child in public kindergartens, private kindergartens are also excellent, also can give the child to provide quality education.

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