020 ways to keep the project from death in eight ways

in the age of the Internet, the 020 project does provide good beyond count, the business platform for entrepreneurs, but 020 of the success rate of the project is not 100%, how can increase the chance of success of the 020 project, have the "golden"?

1. to create high-quality content precipitation

when it comes to this website, video – Bilibili one I have to mention every day to patronize, Youku potatoes, Tencent video giant predecessors under the pressure of the bright younger generation was not too bad, now actually.

it almost no exclusive rights, but the same film in the accumulation of a large number of barrage, including God Tucao, such love love to see a barrage barrage (like me) will see a preferred B station, B station, no other home. Potato video is now a barrage function, but I never saw him in the home of someone shot barrage, I have no interest in hair, potatoes in this area can not stand on the B.

2. allows users to establish a social relationship between the platform

I recently played a dance class game, the same type of game on the market has been very much, the Tencent QQ dancer also strong for many years, why other dance games and have not been killed because the user between dancer, has established a very large and complex their level of social relations. I’m in the game, not only the level rising, with the same clothes are out of game player, also joined the club, as a minister, even took a "wife", why should I give up the run to play another, unless you are good to the underground experience No.

This pattern is


1. system should be gradual, with interest on business, so that they cannot do without you

There is a bakery


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