A new generation of North Canton entrepreneurs Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan Youth

China mainland upsurge of innovation and entrepreneurship has had no small impact on Hong Kong and Macao, many Hong Kong youth saw the vast mainland market, began to move northward, mining their own market opportunities in the hot surge of start-ups in.

At the beginning of the new year

2015 in the mainland business to participate in a reality show the harvest of 3 million yuan angel investment, Ma Zheng Jiang resigned from the company, with a team from the Hongkong North Shenzhen Qianhai founded the company’s own uav.

"want to do a product, drive two hours, within a radius of 100 kilometers, you can find the corresponding hardware partners, which is almost the shortest distance to the products from creative worldwide." He said.

the way from Hongkong to the north, gathered in the Gulf of Shenzhen around the "Qianhai Songshan Lake Zone known as the" China Silicon Valley ", here out of HUAWEI, the Tencent that technology and the Internet giant, has gathered hundreds of national and provincial and municipal laboratory innovation carrier, R & D investment accounted for the proportion of GDP, the amount of patent application several times in the developed coastal city.

"around here is the entrepreneur’s figure, and put the idea into a product of peers is a very wonderful thing." Tao Shizheng said.

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