Cooked eggs into raw eggs found new anti cancer

It can be said

21 century human faces many problems in which cancer Difficult miscellaneous diseases, is one of the largest human disease, in medicine and science and technology development today, cure numerous scientists are constantly researching cancer.

see the title you would think this is a boring science news, however, put the cooked egg egg means variable retrogradation change of protein structure, the human study is of great significance to conquer cancer.

Gregory  UCI professor of molecular biology and chemical

if this technology is applied, scientists believe that this research on the pharmaceutical industry and protein production will play a large role.

now for example, in the pharmaceutical companies, because the protein can rarely be separated, so the use of expensive "hamster ovary cells to make cancer antibody. Therefore, the need for anti-cancer treatment of patients who have to bear the high cost of treatment. But as long as it is used, it is possible to produce proteins from yeast and bacteria in the intestine, quickly and cheaply. By simplifying the formation of protein, perhaps the future of cancer treatment costs can be a lot cheaper.

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