90 university graduates Zhou Yao mulberry home business Business

under the current various entrepreneurial policies, college students returning home is more and more entrepreneurs. Of course, the business is also different. From the countryside to her, well aware of the importance of land to the peasants; and from the sericulturist home for her, mulberry is a special feeling. Is responsible for the management work in the construction site she decided to give up this good work with others, led the villagers to get rich dream back to hometown contracted land to grow mulberry, be praised by people of young entrepreneurs, Neijiang outstanding workers who. She is optimistic and confident after the 90 graduates Zhou yao.

the heart of the home crowd, she returned to the country from the


is the beginning of the seven month after the Spring Festival holiday, the first day of work, everywhere filled with a thick atmosphere of the festival, visiting friends and relatives are still many. In Zizhong County Chen Jia Zhen Shi Miao Zi Cun a farmhouse, Zhou Yao and his family was home to relatives and pay New Year’s call greetings. When it comes to their own kind of mulberry, Zhou Yao immediately with her friends came to the cultivation of fruit Sangdili, to see the growth of mulberry seedlings.

in fruit Sangdili, many trees is not high, but most have been issued the tender sprouts, shortly after, there will be a green. Look at this piece of gratifying mulberry seedlings, Zhou Yao to peer about the growth characteristics of mulberry.

speaking of mulberry planting, Zhou Yao have not finished the story –

2014, Zhou Yao graduated from Panzhihua University engineering management. Like many college graduates, she chose to work after graduation. In Chengdu, a project management Co., Ltd., she is mainly responsible for the management of the company’s Chengdu area of the project.

as a labor service personnel from the rural construction site, she is not afraid of hardship, but also very hard. Whether it is a hot summer, or very cold in winter, she took the tape to the construction drawings, construction site construction quality supervision. Bitter to eat bitter, side of the people, from small to large, my father often said that this sentence has a great influence on Zhou yao.

management of a project, she is not only to prepare information but also to assist the director of the management of the site, the day to visit the site, but also to maintain the concrete in the evening after pouring to rest. Finally, to ensure that the duration is to ensure the quality, safety and civilized construction, the project has achieved good results in the key project inspection and relevant government departments, comprehensive evaluation, her efforts have been recognized by the company named "excellent staff".

in the construction site, Zhou Yao and the workers became good friends. Zhou Yao said that most of the workers on the site from the countryside, work very hard, but also a rare home. The growth in rural areas she knew — farmers go out to work, leaving the elderly and infirm, barren land is recommended

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