10 Fen can also leveraging the wealth market

10 Fen, seemingly not worth mentioning, but is 10 Fen can also be a corner rushed leveraging the wealth market, help a farmer to achieve their wealth from the plan, the monthly income of 10000 yuan, not to worry about their livelihood.

the next several days of investigation around Li Baoliang to help migrant workers, they said that if there are 10 Fen bottles of boiling water must sell buy, because their own flask boiling water for water and electricity or gas, and it is far more than 10 Fen, has its own water cost and time, can buy two or three bottles of boiling water. With this investigation, Li Baoliang sold more confidence in boiling water.

2003 in August, Li Baoliang’s boiling water in his rented farmers Street officially opened. Because the price is really cheap, so the nearby migrant workers are willing to buy, they say Li Baoliang did a good thing. The end of the month Li Baoliang accounts, net profit of 300 yuan, it seems that this business is really money 10 fen.

"10 Fen boiling water" in working in a ten, ten people passed, not long, even far from the people to buy boiling water. But good recommendation

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