Express company tension for double eleven

November has come, speaking of a special holiday this month, I believe that many people are very understanding, this is Carnival eleven. Since 2009, the first double eleven shopping Carnival since the double eleven Shopping Festival has gone through the first seven years, and gradually evolved into the electricity supplier industry collective promotion festival. There are half a month, in 2016, the double eleven gun sound is about to start, the courier company in Tengzhou is how to prepare for it?

Qilu Evening News reporter visited found, in order to deal with the "double eleven" blowout express, avoid warehouse explosion, backlog situation, Tengzhou express company basically in personnel, transport vehicles, storage space, security machine is put into use, prepared in advance. In addition to the recruitment website, talent market recruitment announcement, many courier delivery vehicles are posted behind the recruitment courier words of advertising.

according to the China Express association is expected this year, double eleven of the data will be significantly refreshed again, the industry’s business volume or will reach 1 billion 50 million, an increase of 35% over the same period last year. Last year ‘double eleven’, send a normal amount of goods is probably about eleven thousand copies a day, the busiest time, some couriers can deliver nearly one day a single 200. Based on the previous base projections, this year can reach fifteen thousand to twenty thousand single day."

rhyme courier company in Tengzhou, said Wang Lei, with the increase in the amount of express, the company has been recruiting full-time staff from March to date, the first line courier and logistics personnel more than last year recruited more than and 20 people. This year will be the use of post storage tactics, send more areas will be additional staffing, but also increased the total of two square meters of storage and a warehouse of a length of 9.6 m van.

Zhao Jian branch in Yuantong Express has been in Tengzhou for three years, in his opinion, the annual amount of express is in double, "double eleven" arrival in quantity and outbound volume are increasing and the departure of the main Taobao sellers based on Tengzhou local, a baby stroller, grains, stationery, clothes etc.. Last year ‘double’ eleven out of eight thousand, is expected to reach up to $ten thousand this year. At the same time recruit 40 hours of work, wages calculated by piece, higher than the wages of full-time courier. At the same time, an increase of two meters of the van and the delivery of ten vehicles, sending more than the number of couriers will get some subsidies, and more than 6.7. While the increase in costs, although the overall profit increase, but the single ticket profit has not increased."

in order to improve the sorting efficiency, Tengzhou rhyme express and tact courier are enabled in this year’s automated sorting equipment. Yun Da express enabled four layers of track up to 70 meters conveyor belt automatic sorting equipment. In the first four, five people to scan the courier information, and now two people can be completed, per person per minute, single, two people is the 100 single, saving time and effort also increased the aging. Now at two o’clock in the afternoon, ‘double eleven’ period, disrupted operation mode, with the arrival of >

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