Street barbecue join details

barbecue has been the catering industry in the extreme class snacks, no matter what season, are very popular. Especially in the summer, because the barbecue convenience, taste provocative taste buds, so many people like to eat barbecue in hot summer drink beer. There are products on the market is worth investing in investors, today Xiaobian recommended barbecue for everyone to join the project is the old street barbecue. The following details of the old street barbecue join details.

street barbecue investment quota

street barbecue join cost analysis:

join the ranks of the provincial capital cities, municipalities and county-level cities, developed villages and towns

shop area of 200 square meters with 120 square meters and 80 square meters

rent 15000 yuan / month, 9000 yuan / month, 6000 yuan / month

decoration costs 600 yuan / square meters to 500 yuan / square meters to 400 yuan / square meters

labor costs 3000 yuan / month (8 people) $2500 / month (6) $2000 / month (5)

kitchen equipment 18 thousand yuan 15 thousand yuan 12 thousand yuan

material cost 24 thousand yuan 18 thousand yuan 15 thousand yuan

chairs and fees 8 thousand yuan 6 thousand yuan 4 thousand yuan

liquidity 50 thousand yuan 30 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan

total investment (year) 688 thousand yuan 417 thousand yuan 265 thousand yuan

the cost of investment is estimated, for reference only, the actual cost incurred shall be

street barbecue join conditions:

1, there is a strong desire to succeed in business;

2, have stronger market competition consciousness and management ability;

3, agree with the development of the concept of chain management headquarters and chain operation of the contract;

4, with certain operating conditions and certain economic strength;

5, a certain business district investigation, to grasp the operating radius of the consumer groups and consumption levels;

6, specifically to join the legal personality and certain management

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