Corporal punishment children naked police in the rain to educate parents

for children’s education, different parents have different choices. But no matter how education, corporal punishment of children is not desirable. Recently, in Xiamen, there is a pair of parents to educate their children actually corporal punishment children naked rain. Neighbors saw after the police, the police involved in the parents do the criticism of education.

1 31 afternoon, the netizen Herald reflect: 2 o’clock in the afternoon, with the serene village, is forced to stand in a building 2 floor balcony two naked child, lasted about half an hour.

insider, is a three or four year old boy and his five or six year old sister was sent to the station.

when two children cry, plus some buildings near the relatively high, some senior households pay attention to the two poor children, afraid they were frozen, reported to the police.


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