Student village official Dai Xinzhen husband and wife to start a farmhouse

in the current era of numerous preferential policies, countless people embarked on the entrepreneurial path. After graduating from college students embark on the road of entrepreneurship is even more numerous, and many college students choose career is often associated with their own professional. But this is the protagonist of the couple Dai Xinzhen is not the case, starting a business from the farmhouse, has been a great success.

in Xin fan Xiang tourist reception center farm demonstration, buckets of vegetable farm soil was brought to the table, the college "village official" Dai Xinzhen and his wife Yu Yanling busy sweating, but look at the Shanghai guest gobble down two couples, busy busy comfortable. read more

The secret of entrepreneurs to control opportunities

entrepreneurship, is now a lot of people choose. But in the face of this long road of entrepreneurship, how should go in order to go far, go smoothly, it must grasp the opportunity.

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1996 years later, the myth of Li Tie’s stock operations repeatedly appear. Before and after the Spring Festival, he bought a deep breath of development, Sichuan Changhong, East ALPINE, a series of deep science and technology stocks began to create a miracle: the stock market began to rise. Many people just leave, have thrown. Li Tie not only did not retreat, but once again reached the stock also with him about the good, all the way up until he let go. The result is that 1 million of Li Tie’s money turned into a $1 hundred million. read more

Why market research is so important

marketing strategy, market positioning is indispensable, but the market is the premise of accurate positioning to obtain accurate market information, how to get? The only way to do this is to investigate the market. Why is it so important? Here is a Chinese fast food restaurant, for example, to make a brief description.

high authenticity. From the above mentioned we know the market survey information, has a very long history in the market, and since it can so favored by the users, in fact, the main reason is that it is very true and reliable information to the user, so by this way to understand the Chinese fast-food restaurant information, the biggest benefit is the real high. read more

The service etiquette introduction of the teahouse waiter in the service industry


service industry preferred to do is service, service is not good will lead you to the cause of the failure, as we all know, the teahouse service personnel and service personnel in other places is also not the same, the etiquette requirements are more stringent, so, the teahouse service etiquette, Xiaobian to introduce provide you with a brief introduction to


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Professional small supermarket is more popular with consumers

In fact, the concept of

, and a small grocery shop almost, but the difference is that the current leisure food shop sells are generally packed, and the bakery is their products are fresh, placed at the same time, almost all of the leisure food shop are not like instant noodles, so for investors this is a business opportunity, people can small food stores to open a professional.

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Magic wardrobe of 300 yuan unlimited amount of rent clothes in China

autumn, I believe many are missing a clothes closet experience, it is a waste to buy clothes to wear it several times on the wardrobe, wardrobe launched the innovative mode of women can rent clothes, a skirt of money, enjoy a whole month for different clothes privilege, this method I at home in the end can not be feasible?

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What are the focus of the dessert business needs attention

dessert business is always very hot throughout the year, holidays and more so. Christmas is coming, many dessert stores will reap a wave of high profits. Do you want to join the dessert? If you are interested, you can take a look at the following introduction.

sweet name eat industry development space is very wide, so many investors operating dessert chain. As a dessert store owner, want to eat sweet food and dessert chain to earn wealth through the sweet name, the chain dessert shop owner will be to join the vitality of dessert stores. Here to tell you how to improve the cuisines of the dessert dessert chain turnover rate, how to improve the dessert store sales performance, how to grasp the key to store management and dessert. read more