Get Your Mitts On GridIron Flow 1.0, A Stunning Workflow Manager

first_imgMassive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… But for managing the projects that actually used the workflow you just created, Flow was limited to purely individual use, since it had no robust method for sharing a workflow map among a team.Enter “Share Maps“, the most expansive addition to Flow’s public debut. The new feature makes room for creating a workflow group that can all have access to the same map. In addition to enabling real collaborative workflow creation in Flow for the first time, Share Maps means project managers can now join in. That’s sure to make it something more friendly to enterprise use. The next integration should place Flow one step closer to becoming an essential utility for designers during their work. An Adobe CS4 Flash Panel now included in the package allows users to access their workflow maps directly inside Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Flash. GridIron Flow can be bought through the site for $299 per single license or $399 for three. 1.0 also now supports both PCs and Macs, and there is a free trial as well for those who are still curious to give it spin. steven walling Related Posts Tags:#enterprise 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now IT + Project Management: A Love Affair GridIron Software has finally brought Flow, its visual workflow manager, out of public beta. This first stable version available for purchase ups the ante by allowing groups to collaborate on a workflow via the Share Maps feature, as well as adding direct access to Flow from within Adobe applications. Flow was created with the help of visual designer Mark Coleran, who is known for his work on films such as The World Is Not Enough and the Bourne series. Though it’s aimed squarely at creative professionals, Flow is probably the most advanced workflow manager out there, and is well worth a closer look by almost anyone. During its public beta, Flow was already being hailed as a cutting edge way to organize workflows. On top of the slick interface for creating a workflow map, features such as automatic time tracking, visual search and versioning made it something of a designers dream. Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…last_img read more

Blazing the Path to Email Collaboration: Without all of the Buzz

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Collaboration Happens: Did You Get my Email?By offering a cloud solution to deliver the files, YouSendIt was also able to track whether the recipient downloaded the file. The company currently has has about 5 million “file batches” sent per month with over 10 million downloads. On average, each file is being read by two persons on the other side and the sender is able to see which ones.This audibility provides YouSendIt users a way to close the loop and gain a deeper insight to the status of their communications. Imagine the sales person, who sends a brochure to the prospects, getting a report back for who opened it and who didn’t. It automatically separates out the interested from the others and gives an opportunity to target the next message.Email is a social application that has it’s own rules and nuances – Google reminded the world recently with the launch of Buzz that connecting email and social networks is harder than it looks. YouSendIt might be onto something. Instead of reinventing the entire social context of email, the company is focused on enhancing the existing email system as it works today. YouSendIt Adopts the EnterpriseMicrosoft Exchange has become the dominant email system in the enterprise. YouSendIt spent a lot of time working closely with Exchange and its client counterpart Outlook to bring its cloud-based attachments solution to the platform. This solution offers an approach to a gradual transition to cloud computing – one message at a time. Each message can be targeted to a person, a list of people, or an entire group of people.Individuals can respond to the message, ignore it, or mark it as Spam. It’s security and privacy model that starts as opt-out, rather than op-in. Meaning that if you get an account *anyone* can send you a message. Spammers are the single largest sender of email traffic.Email messages can include file attachments that offer a way to send a file from one computer to the user on another one.Improving the flow of attachments is part of email is that YouSendIt specializes in.Large Files Needed a HomeFor both user experience, technical infrastructure, and cost reasons many email systems cap the size of attachments they allow to pass through the gateway. Large files are routinely blocked, causing email users the challenge of figuring out another way to get them across the network. One way to think about it, is that large file attachments “real” home is not the inbox, but more rightfully the filesystem (aka My Documents). And, increasingly these files are being stored in the cloud rather than the filesystem. A diagram describing how it works shows how it creates a new channel for connecting the user to their file, while continuing to use email “as-is”. Change is in-the-air around collaboration and email. We wonder if the next generation of email going to evolve into the killer app for bringing social networking it into the enterprise. What do you think, will email ever fade away? Related Posts mike kirkwood A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Today, email is nearly as ubiquitous as the computer itself. It offers a simple process that “just works” for most users and it has become a defacto communication process for enterprises and individuals alike. YouSendIt found its place in the evolution of email by providing existing email users a solution to a common problem – sending large files. Along the way, the company has leveraged its position in cloud based solution to offer additional benefits to its users.What do we Know about EmailA few things about using email that define it as a communications tool. Tags:#cloud#cloud computing 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Neura AI aims to make the connected home truly smart

first_imgFollow the Puck Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Cate Lawrence AI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storagecenter_img Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces You’re probably used to waking up to coffee, thanks to a pre-programmed machine. But what about an oven that offers breakfast options based on your health and recipes designed around your level of activity for the day? Or a thermostat that adjusts for the day’s weather and knows when you’re headed out? Or plumbing that alerts you to the exact location of a leak, or plugs that deliver electricity only when you need an item to work?Today Neura is introducing an AI solution that makes all of this a reality – turning IoT environments into truly connected universes that allow companies to connect to their customers during the most meaningful moments. Neura enables consumers to take control of their smart home devices – from Amazon Echo, Nest thermostat, Hue Lights, Ring smart doorbell, refrigerators and more – and make their smart homes more intelligent with the integration of true AI. Their AI engine integrates with multiple data channels to provide situational awareness for individual customers, ensuring personalized, highly relevant engagement.See also: Neura brings machine learning and security ethics to IoTI spoke to Ori Shaashua, co-founder and VP of product at Neura to find out more. Neura’s originally started their focus on health data when co-founder and CTO Triinu Magi fell sick for five months with a difficult to diagnose illness and decided to record her own biometrics ( heart rate, blood pressure, glucose etc) and keep a food diary. It provided data that lead to a diagnosis of a rare form of diabetes. As Shaashua explained, “We ended up realizing there’s no single device that unites all of our data. It’s scattered in our smart phones, and in Bluetoothoth and wifi devices around us and today is serving no one.”An advanced system in machine learningIn response, Neura created an advanced system of machine learning for the Internet of Things that can gather data on individuals from a range of connected devices, including phones, tablets, apps, and more. Neura’s AI engine integrates with more than 80 connected devices to ensure sophisticated situational awareness for each individual consumer and offers a library of API calls designed to provide customized, highly relevant engagement. Their AI recognizes and analyzes human behavior and develops what it calls a “digital identity” for individuals, creating insight that can be used to personalize applications, services, and devices.“It’s an AI service that does not belong to any brand, device or product but means that products can adapt to who you are and what you do in order to serve you better. We challenge the data economy as it works on the web and we make all the devices aware of you, ” explained Shaashua.AI in the smart home learns how each individual family member interacts with their connected, smart home devices. It transforms raw sensor data from the consumers’ phones and connected devices into a pattern of behavior that is meaningful to every individual in the household.For example, AI-enabled IoT devices detect the moment when an individual is driving to the gym, waking up after six hours of sleep or working at the office, in home or offsite, and then builds a profile of how each individual in the household lives their life.AI-enhanced products learn each individual consumer’s persona and habits, and then start to predict the experience that matches their specific needs at that given moment. For example, switching from a programmed or app-activated thermostat to an AI-enhanced thermostat will enable the thermostat to ‘know’ specific family members are on their way home, and to turn on the heat or air conditioning or when to adjust for the family heading to bed. AI-enhanced lighting knows not to turn on the lights if everyone has left the house, while an AI-enhanced lock knows all the household’s occupants are out of the house and have driven off to work, and then locks the doors in that specific moment.According to Shaashua, “This is the first technology in the home is able to adapt to each and every human and this opens up a whole a whole new experience in the interface between persons and products. We have enabled products to become aware of each family member in the home environment. ”Democratizing AIIn 2016, Neura’s development framework was released the open source to enable other developers to personalize and contextualize their products. To Shaashua this is part of democratizing AI:“There has been a challenge for most companies to create meaningful AI because if you look at today’s market, AI belongs to Google and Facebook, they keep their AI very close to their hearts, they don’t open their API to enable other products even to try to utilize the knowledge they generate. We have democratized AI and made it more accessible so that the resources that are needed for one of our customers to introduce AI into their product is 2 hours of integration. We have even tiny, single developer companies working with our Neura AI engine, doing great work like tackling fertility and changing lives.”Connected products will be forced to improve.What Neura will provide is a competitive advantage in highly competitive smart home markets such as home security and heating, where vendors with products that are truly responsive to the needs of customers will succeed. Shaashua recalled:“I knew nest when they were 10 engineers, 10 geeks in a garage. and they took to home automation and they created a smart thermostat. It made Honeywell create better. Nest meant Honeywell had to care about home automation.”Connected devices are becoming omnipresent in every nook of the home – home intelligence, energy efficiency, entertainment, wellness, access control, home safety, home comfort, daily tasks, and connectivity. We’ve waited a long time for our connected devices to become smart and able to communicate with each other, and it looks like, with Neura, the time has come. Tags:#AI#connected home#featured#Home Automation#Machine Learning#Neura#open API#top last_img read more

How to Create A Realistic Lens Flare In DaVinci Resolve

first_imgNeed a lens flare for your shot? Avoid the unimpressive plug-ins and customize your own flare in DaVinci Resolve.When VideoCopilot announced their Optical Flare plug-in in 2009 (released in 2010), my heart filled with joy knowing that every single shot from my DV camcorder would now feature a lens flare. They are the icons of blockbusters, right? Nearly a decade later, I now spend as much time as possible keeping my shots flare-free. How times change.However, if you need to include a lens flare in your shot for creative reasons — see J.J. Abrams‘s reasoning for excessive lens flare in Star Trek — or if you need to match a flareless shot with another flared shot in your scene, you’re typically going to need a plug-in like Optical Flare. The majority of NLEs come with a flare plug-in, but as you can see with Premiere’s below, they typically aren’t that great.In the studio version of Resolve 14, however, there’s a flare plug-in that’s it’s incredibly powerful. I find tutorials for effects that are very shot specific — such as a lens flare — are difficult to produce properly because everyone’s shot will be different. The flare will differ depending on the light source, lens type, aperture settings, and more. If I document a method on how to produce a flare from sunlight, it may look completely different on your footage. Therefore, we will look at how the plug-in works by fixing a problem I have with a shot, and we will explore the different areas of the plug-in in the process.The BasicsYou can work with the effect on the Edit Page. However, you can’t move the flare around within the viewer, and for that reason, I recommend working with the flare in the color page.This is the problem that needs addressing. We have a long shot of the musician sitting on his flight case, and it cuts to a close-up, but only the close-up features a lens flare, and the director wants both shots to have the same flare.In the color page, add a new node, and add the Resolve Flare effect found under Resolve Light FX to the node.Now you need to jump over into the effects settings panel. This effect offers an abundance of customizable properties. Since the flare is an optical element produced by the lens, you have to make sure it looks real. Resolve gives us the tools to do so.The lens flare settings break down into six control areas: flare presets, position, global corrections, aperture, elements, and global blend.While there aren’t as many built-in presets available as there are in Optical Flares, the eight presets cover the basics you expect from the most common light sources — and of course, these are all highly customizable.To replicate the evening sun, I’m going to select the late afternoon preset, which presents us with a flare that mimics the setting golden sun. Initially, it’s not in the correct position, so with the OpenFX overlay activated, I can quickly reposition the starting point of the glare within the viewer. If, however, you prefer to use the sliders, you can do so by opening the Position panel in the settings menu.From the edits we’ve made so far, we can see that the two top panels are the control areas that create the foundation of the flare.Creative ElementsLooking at the shot we need to match, you can see we still have a few steps to complete to make the flares look identical. First, we need to remove the starburst. You can do this in the Elements panel. This panel is the control area for each layer and individual element of the flare. I would argue that this part of the plug-in is the magical component — you can really customize every aspect of the flare. You could even create some sci-fi effects with this plug-in. You don’t often see this kind of power with a plug-in or effect in an NLE.In the Show Controls For drop-down menu, you can find a host of different elements to adjust. Since the shot we are trying to match doesn’t have a starburst, we need to reduce it, so it’s barely visible.Since we’re already in the Elements panel, I also need to remove the ghost elements of the flare because they are not visible in the shot we are trying to match. We can do this by changing the type to “none.”This is how the shot currently looks.It’s getting there, but we need to increase the size of the flare spot. We can do this with the Global Corrections panel. However, this settings panel affects all areas of the flare. This is great for adding blur or colorizing the entire flare, but for individual element adjustments, you’ll want to stick with the Elements panel.Therefore, we need to reopen the drop-down menu and select Show Controls For Flare Spot. Here, I’m going to increase the size, reduce the irregularity (which will factor for light streaks), enhance the softness, and color the flare similar to that of the close-up.Finally, I’m going to colorize the ghost elements at the bottom of the composition to better match the close-up, and this is the final result.Based on what we started with, I think these two shots will now cut together quite nicely, and I’d be very surprised if the audience could tell that the flare is computer generated. While we’ve covered the majority of the functions in the plug-in, we haven’t discussed Global Blend and Aperture. Global Blend has one slider function, and that is to set the amount the flare blends with the source media. The Aperture panel will allow you to adjust how many blades make up the iris. As a six-bladed aperture will create a different starburst than a seven-bladed aperture.Lewis McGregor is a certified BlackMagic Design DaVinci Resolve Trainer.Looking for more information on DaVinci Resolve? Check out these articles:Learn How To Create A ‘Deakinizer’ Tilt-Shift Effect In ResolveMaster Resolve’s Built-In Film Grain with This RundownDaVinci Resolve Being Weird? This Is Probably WhyGet to Know The Dynamic Zoom Tool In Resolve 14Get To Know DaVinci Resolve 14’s Three Auto Save Functionslast_img read more

The best this month

first_imgQuick roundup of what’s hot around the globe this month. Choose from the hottest events, shows happenings in the world of music, art, cinema, literature, sport, fashion, wine food.MAY 2AustraliaThink scrumptious grilled prawns, oysters, scallops, lobsters and the best Australian wine to go with it. Sample some of the most delectable seafood at Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival held annually at Brisbane. Being one of the most popular events in the city, locals don’t leave any opportunity to miss out on their favourite dishes. Top restaurants are willing to make any dish you fancy.CanadaAthletes from around the world come to Vancouver to take part in Canada’s largest marathon-Vancouver International Marathon. Besides running on the usual 42-km long track, you can also choose the half marathon or the eight-km long race. There is even a marathon for children. And feast your eyes on some of the most stunning places in the city while running.MAY 6 to 16UKWant to have a good laugh? Head to Liverpool for the ultimate comedy show-Liverpool Comedy Festival-that takes place at various locations in the city. Besides a comic play, there are a range of interesting shows for children as well and a number of acts you have not even heard about. It’s more exciting than you think. So our suggestion is just relax and get ready to roll on the floor with laughter.MAY 7 TO 9SpainThis is one race you would not want to miss. Gear up to watch the world’s best racers build up speed and take on each other at the race tracks at Catalunya outside Barcelona. Feel the surge of adrenaline at the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, a much-awaited event in the city. A mix of different speed corners and track surfaces keeps the drivers challenged and viewers engaged.MAY 8GermanyNo city can hold more live concerts than Munich does during the Long Night of Music when more than 100 locations across the city come alive with over 400 live concerts. Think blues, flamenco, hip-hop, jazz, rock and much more. From 8p.m. to 3 in the morning you can visit various venues and explore Munich’s vibrant music scene. And one ticket gets you entry to all the places.MAY 12 TO 23FranceThe red carpet is rolled out, the films have been shortlisted and there is a buzz in the air as one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals-Cannes Film Festival-is back. Running in its 63rd year, the red carpet is ready to welcome over 50,000 filmmakers and actors coming from across the world. Thousands of films from across the world are screened. So get ready to watch films and party.MAY 13 TO 16New ZealandThe New Zealand Boat Show is for serious boaters and for those who dream of owning a boat. The country’s biggest collection of new boats and accessories are displayed by over 200 exhibitors. This show attracts as many as 40,000 visitors. There are a number of workshops that take place over the days, which even includes tips on boating and fishing.MAY 17 TO 23AustraliaIf you are a bookworm the Sydney Writers’ Festival is right up your sleeve. It is clearly the biggest literary and book festival of the country where you come face to face with your favourite authors and books. It has the widest selection of books you can lay your hands on. Some of the best authors of Australia will come for talk shows. Get ready to live your fantasy of being surrounded by books.MAY 23 TO JUN 6FranceThe ultimate in tennis championship, the French Open is back. Hosted by one of the prettiest and romantic cities in the world-Paris-you can watch pros in action as they fight for the title at Roland Garros court. Famous for more than the world class tennis tournament, this grand slam event is also trademark of some things completely French. Book your tickets in advance and enjoy the game.MAY 24 TO 17SingaporeIt is time for children to go wild and show their creativity at the Sculpture Carnival held at Sculpture Square in Singapore. For four days artists conduct workshops and teach children from 10 to 18 years of age how to make sculptures perfectly. Everything on display is created by the youngsters who use bright and cheerful colours to create their perfect artwork.MAY 26 TO 28IndiaThis summer head to the coolest part of Rajasthan-Mount Abu-to experience Rajasthani warmth and hospitality at the Summer Festival. The first day you can catch traditional cultural performances. The second and third day are full of fun activities. Don’t forget to visit the food stalls and dig into Rajasthani food. The grand finale on the third day includes fireworks.MAY 27IndiaHead to the holy city of Varanasi to celebrate Buddha Purnima, the birth anniversary of the Buddha. Pilgrims from across the country gather here to pay homage to the Enlightened One. Prayer meetings, group meditation sessions and religious services also grace the occasion. Be one among the millions of people who scramble to take a dip in the sacred Ganges to wash away your sins. advertisementadvertisementlast_img read more

a month agoAstana coach Grigorchuk impressed by Man Utd youngsters

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Astana coach Grigorchuk impressed by Man Utd youngstersby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveAstana coach Roman Grigorchuk praised Manchester United after last night’s Europa League defeat.Mason Greenwood struck the only goal of the game for the 1-0 win.”About Manchester, I can say the same thing that I said at the pre-match press conference. We saw what we expected – a very good and interesting team. Good football players with excellent characteristics, playing in a good, interesting style,” said Grigorchuk.Goalkeeper Nenad Erich also stated: “We knew with whom we were playing today, with one of the best teams in the world. “It is clear that Manchester United is a very strong team, but I think we played well. Fans are happy with our game. Of course, we lost, but we will move on. Let’s see how it will be next time.” last_img read more

Volleyball team sweeps away pair of Big Ten rivals

The Ohio State women’s volleyball team swept a pair of Big Ten rivals, Purdue and Indiana, this weekend.      In the first set against the Boilermakers, it was unclear which team had the stronger game. After just two errors, the Buckeyes established their rhythm. Playing an aggressive defense, the Buckeyes forced Purdue to commit six errors. The Buckeyes took the first set, 25-19, with an ace serve from Chelsea Noble and a kill from Kristen Dozier.  The Buckeyes fell, 25-23, in the second set but quickly rebounded in a nail-biting third set. With 17 ties and nine lead changes, the Buckeyes came out victorious after a Dozier kill for a 25-24 lead and a kill from Katie Dull to end the set, 26-24.  The Buckeyes took the fourth set with an early lead, finishing 25-18 to win the match 3-1.  Dull had a co-match high of 17.5 points.     Carrying the momentum into Saturday night, the Buckeyes faced the Hoosiers.  The Buckeyes came out strong, taking the first two sets, 25-19 and 25-22.  The Buckeyes fell, 25-23, in the third set after seven consecutive Hoosier points. Kills from both Dull and Ashley Hughes brought the set to 20-16. A Hoosier time out gave them the chance to regroup and take the set.  The Buckeyes fired back in the fourth with a Noble ace serve. A final kill from Emily Danks won the set, 25-23, and secured the match, 3-1.The separation between these three teams has certainly been set. The Buckeyes are now 5-5 in Big Ten play.      If the Buckeyes can maintain this momentum, they have the opportunity to knock off No. 1 Penn State on the road. The match will be televised 7 p.m. Wednesday on the Big Ten Network. read more